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Is Hyperion.NG supported?

Hyperion.NG is supported and can be used together with Hyperion Remote. Not all features are available through the app, but all features Hyperion Remote supports work with both, Hyperion and Hyperion Remote flawlessly.

I am planning to continuously integrate more features to support Hyperion.NG and its new features – likes instances support, live preview, authorization and others.

Why is the Premium Mode a subscription?

Many users expect the app to be adequately maintained, always available for new devices and iOS versions, and to gain new functionality. However, that means a lot of work has to be put into the app and work costs time and money.

Many apps, including Hyperion Remote, have been funded solely by attracting new users who are purchasing premium content. If the growth of an app goes down and with it the number of new potentially paying customers, then there is no money to continue updating the app for the people who already bought it. Therefore, I decided to offer the optional Premium Mode as a subscription. With approx. 5 EUR/USD a year you contribute a small amount (unlike many other app subscriptions) and so every subscriber helps to promote the further development of Hyperion.

However, if you do not like the subscription, you can still use the app without it. If you previously bought the In App Purchase Comfty Mode, those features will stay.

Are you the developer of Hyperion or Hyperion Remote for Android?

No, I am not. You can find those awesome developers like brindosch, Paulchen-Panther, Lord-Grey and many more over at hyperion-project.org and github.com/hyperion-project. If you want to support them check out their donation page.

Need help with Hyperion Remote?

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